Hologram was created and launched by the joining together of three long standing creative French friends.

« Seeking perfection »

« Meticulous choice of materials »

« Articles all top quality and in limited series »

By bringing together very different partners and their ideas, Hologram offers today a wide range, a brand with much character.

The brand and logo

Historically the word Hologram refers to a photographic process, nowadays Hologram represents a three dimensional image. Hologram Clothing : the three creators each bringing their own dimension to the project.

Then the logo which is inspired by several types of seaming, these to complete the article marked by difference in finish according to desires, needs and the material being used.

At first sight the logo represents three triangles, rediscovering the number three which is the key to the project and making of the brand.

Our creations

Hologram is inspired by urban culture, it goes against the main stream fashion bringing a breath of fresh air, new ideas. Our obsession with detail has resulted in a collection of finely finished articles.

« Bringing a breath of fresh air »

« Limited series of exclusives models »

With each bringing their ideas to the mix Hologram offers its clothing in limited series, items unique in the textile markets in France and internationally.

Our materials are chosen with great care in order to make and propose exclusive items, combining quality, comfort and style.

« Quality and good value »

Much attention has been given to the choice of partners (stylists, clothing makers, embroiderers...), this with our aim to provide quality at very good value pricing.


Wearing a Hologram item or having a Hologram accessory indicates attitude, a style, a look. A wish to distinguish yourself by wearing exclusive models, stylishly different. You can follow us on our social media to discover our lifestyle. 

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